AS you are aware, everyone has to wear a mask in supermarkets now.

This is not happening in my local Tesco.

I visited it today and found if people haven’t got a mask and say they are exempt and not wearing a lanyard, then Tesco give them one! How ridiculous is that?

Surely they should be obtained from a doctor with a medical certificate?

By all accounts, the lanyards they give out are the ones with daisies on.

Apparently those are for people with a disability, not an illness.

People are saying it’s their human right not to wear them.

Isn’t it, therefore, our human right to shop in a safe environment where everyone is considerate?

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Most people with COPD are able to wear a mask for a few minutes to do a quick shop.

My husband can manage it with a multitude of breathing problems.

I’m so angry. Nothing has changed.

I didn’t buy any food and now I must wait until I can get a delivery slot from somewhere.

This is an emergency and 100,000 people have died.

Managers should refuse to let anyone in without a mask or visor.