ARE we ever guilty of saying the wrong thing? I know I have done it many times.

These days I try and take a breath before opening my mouth, just in case. Most of my mistakes are just daft and never meant to hurt.

I genuinely wish that people online would think for a moment about how much pain they are inflicting on the people reading their remarks.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and nothing is the same as it was (for the moment). We should all be trying to help and support each other and just be kind. It isn’t rocket science.

I am angry. I do not do angry! It is a very negative emotion. However, I am struggling.

We heard the news this week about Debenhams. This is going to cause horrific consequences for Taunton. Hundreds of people being made redundant. Friends, family, neighbours etc.

Online, suddenly it becomes a mud-slinging debate about the council, the government, the state of Taunton, how great it used to be etc.

Do people not realise that high street issues and redundancies are happening in every town across the UK, not just in Taunton? Some of the remarks are unrepeatable about how bad Taunton is. How it is rubbish, dying etc. Completely wrong!

Some of the people reading these ugly remarks are people who are involved in so many fantastic projects for Taunton. Some are incredibly hard-working and passionate independent shop owners.

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They are often home schooling while making things for their shops and selling them online and sending out to customers. Working tirelessly while their town centre premises are unable to open and not being eligible for any of the business grants etc.

These same people are constantly putting out positive messages about Taunton. Our parks, our river, all the architecture and beauty of our town. Some recent negative posts on social media have reduced these people to tears and despair.

My dad used to say to me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!”

I wish these negative keyboard people would abide by that saying.

I’ll try to be more cheerful in my next column, I promise.

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