THE wassail ceremony - traditionally held on January 17 - involves blessing the orchards, waking up the apple trees and scaring away evil spirits to ensure a health crop for the year ahead.

This year, we couldn't join in any wassail celebrations on Old Twelvey Night due to the pandemic.

So we took a look back at how Dunster celebrated in 2015...

DUNSTER Village has held its annual Wassail at Buttercross Orchard.

Each year on January 17 – the old ‘Twelfth Night’ – the people of Dunster wassail their apple trees to ensure a fine crop of cider apples in the summer ahead.

And Dunster First School held its own Wassail at Buttercross Community Orchard in 2015.

“When the orchard was first opened, the school bought a tree for each of the classes,” said teacher Peter Hoyland.

“So the children went up to the orchard with bread soaked in apple juice to sing chants to the trees in hope the trees produce healthy apples this year.

“The feedback from the children was fantastic and they certainly had a wonderful time.”