A GROUP of residents in Porlock have lit up their village by installing a colourful wishing tree in a bid to give the community a positive focus during lockdown.

'The Porlock Wishes Tree' was the brainchild of Somerset artist, Terry Gable, who was inspired to bring some sparkle back to the village after the success of the 'Light Up Porlock' Christmas campaign.

Terry worked with Deborah Stanyon, Porlock Visitor Centre Manager, and Grant Dennis, Porlock Town Crier, to source and decorate the tree at St Dubricius Church after a number of villagers said they missed the Christmas lights and trees.

The tree and churchyard are decorated with lights and colourful bunting and Terry has used his artistic talents to draw illustrated message blanks so residents can leave their messages on the tree.

Deborah said the tree was erected last week and already has been well-received by residents.

"The Porlock Wishes Tree is a focus for people write down their hopes and aspirations for what they look forward to when restrictions ease," Deborah said.

"Terry Gable has drawn beautiful, illustrated message blanks for people to write down their messages.

"A few examples that people have written down: they look forward to seeing family, having a hug, going to the theatre, travelling further afield to stay with friends and live music. It’s a tree of hope and positivity.

" People have also made creative tokens of things which represent Porlock and Exmoor.

"It has already received lovely comments and is giving our community something positive to look forward to and another example of how our community pull together. I have even received messages on Facebook from people who live away from Porlock and love this area and not been able to visit but wanted a message of hope put on the tree.

"The message blanks can be found in the Church porch and we’d love our residents to add their wishes or make something creative to hang on the tree. We’d love people to add their hopes."