I WANTED to thank a bus driver for helping me a long time ago, but I didn't get round to it.

The sad news of the bus driver who died recently has prompted me to write this letter of thanks to all bus drivers, for doing a difficult and nowadays dangerous public service with courtesy and professionalism.

My very belated thanks go to a driver who saved me when I was run over by a car while cycling along Hamilton Road, Taunton.

A car ran me over as the driver wanted to turn into Leycroft Road.

I remember lying in the road and a vehicle stopped to prevent anyone else running me over, and then someone covered me with a blanket.

I was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

The police visited me in hospital and said it was a bus driver who stayed with me, called an ambulance and the police, and had even taken the registration of the car that had run me over.

It was a long time ago - I think it was 1988 - and I should have found out who the driver was and thanked them.

I hope it is not too late to say thank you.