I AM writing to you to share concerns about the growth in misinformation campaign in our communities here in Somerset.

Glastonbury in particular seems to be acting as a ‘hub’ for spreaders of the virus of misinformation, and there have been at least three leaflets recently spreading seriously incorrect information.

These are designed to undermine our faith in the science community regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and to deter people from having it.

The latest one is called ‘What if it’s an illusion?’

You can see how this is designed to sow seeds of doubt in people’s minds.

These are the same people broadcasting that Covid-19 is a hoax, that wearing masks is ineffective or a danger to our health.

They are the same people saying lockdown is a breach of our human rights.

A brief search of the proponents of these lies and the organisations they are a part of, or who fund them even, shows that they are connected to alt-right and far-right neo-fascist groups who exploit the principle of free speech to freely spread their misinformation.

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It is worrying how these conspiracy theories are gaining ground – it has been reported that even care home staff in some areas have been refusing the vaccination.

People are harassed in Glastonbury High Street for sticking to the rules and our shopkeepers face daily abuse for asking customers to comply with the simple rule of wearing a mask.

There has never been a greater time when we have needed local media to take a stand and do some effective investigative journalism and expose the people and their organisations behind these leaflets that are spreading this nonsense, and correct their misinformation.

Can you rise to the challenge – for all our sakes?