AS a resident of Trull, I was alarmed to read your recent article in the Gazette suggesting that the local community is opposed to Canonsgrove being considered as a permanent solution to homelessness in the area (‘Opposition to long-term homeless hostel’, County Gazette, January 28).

Until I read your article, I was unaware that we had a Trull Residents’ Group, and I can assure your readers that their views are not representative of all of us who live here.

Anti-social behaviour, particularly littering, trespassing, flouting Covid-19 measures and verbal abuse in Trull are not exclusive to the current guests at Canonsgrove in my experience!

There are many people living in Trull and the surrounding area who have been very generous in supporting the work that is going on at Canonsgrove to provide homeless people with a safe and stable home and to help them rebuild their lives.

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Warm clothes, blankets, food (including home baking), Christmas boxes and time have been willingly donated to mention but a few.

There are many reasons why individuals are made homeless and it is not just drink and drugs.

Since men and women moved into Canonsgrove, as a temporary measure at the start of the pandemic, there have been examples of lives changed for the better. Some have moved into permanent accommodation off site and, with support, are taking responsibility for their own futures.

I have always felt that the people of Trull are, on the whole, compassionate and caring and I would like to think that we could share our green and pleasant village with others who need our help to move forward.