THE new green vision for Taunton seems, in summary, to be to build on most of the town centre car parks, blocks of flats up to seven stories high.

Odd trees would be planted to ensure that there were splashes of green.

Taunton has almost no high-rise buildings and certainly part of its charm is to see the numerous church spires rising above the present buildings from near and far.

It is also not a town with a large population requiring high-density housing. This new vision seems to imply just such a scenario.

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Some of the ‘vision’ makes sense: to convert existing buildings into affordable habitable accommodation.

However, most people need cars to get to work (not much in Taunton) or out into the countryside.

The layout of the town centre would suggest that the present car parking facilities would be needed for residents.

The idea of the new station car park providing the entire needs for shoppers and residents is laughable.

Needless to say, there is no mention about how people in the suburbs are going to safely walk and cycle into town.

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Please stop thinking that developers will provide a green vision that will give Taunton a great future.

The development of the Coal Orchard is a monstrous precursor to what is envisioned.

A real vision is required with a template for developers to fit into, rather than the other way round.