MAY I encourage as many people as possible to indulge in a bit of Budget lobbying, possibly on the following lines (with an email to, bearing in mind that the big day is on Wednesday, March 3?

Please could the Chancellor Rishi Sunak and his Treasury team include in the Budget an emphatic move for taxation fairness to eliminate a good deal of today’s obscene inequality in wealth by positive redistribution in favour of the less well off, via careful consideration of my proposals:

  • Increasing the level of Capital Gains Tax to that of, at least, basic income tax
  • The re-introduction of the old discontinued ‘banded levels’ of income tax to a maximum of 95% for taxable income over £250,000
  • Introduction of a wealth and/or property tax as deployed in some other European countries
  • Introduction of an extended carbon tax - especially on fossil fuels
  • Increasing welfare and public health expenditure via phased abandonment of Britain’s nuclear weapons and their delivery systems and withdrawing from further disastrous investment in nuclear power
  • Introduction of Local Income Tax and Local Sales Tax, ready for the expected further and faster onset of devastating Climate Emergency