A SOMERSET dad was stunned after finding a rude-shaped chicken snack in his McDonald's meal.

Rich Greene, 47, bought his favourite 'chicken select' as a lockdown treat with his daughter.

After ordering the £5.89 Chicken Select Meal through the drive-thru, the pair drove home to Street, Somerset.

But when he arrived home the construction worker was left shocked to find part of his meal an oddly phallic shape.

The phallus shaped chicken select found by dad Rich Greene in his McDonalds meal. See SWNS story SWOCselect. A dad was left surprised after finding a suspiciously-shaped chicken select in his McDonalds meal. Rich Greene, 47, bought his favourite the

The chicken Mr Greene received in his meal. Picture - SWNS

He took a snap to show his friends before munching into his meal which "thankfully tasted the same".

Dad-of-two Rich said: "I was with my daughter and we fancied a McDonald's so we went through the drive-thru.

"When I got home and opened the box I was confronted with what looked like Mr McDonald.

"I don't really know what to say because it really does look like a particular something.

"I haven't seen Ronald in a while so I hope he's doing OK.

"It still tasted alright.

"I did peel off the crumbs before I ate it though just to check it was chicken inside!"

McDonald's has been contacted for comment.