What does the word love mean to you? I guess it will be different for everybody.

Personally, I love everything about love! The simplicity of the word and all the warm feelings that go with it!

This Sunday it is Valentine’s Day. It is the day when people show their affection for another person or people by sending cards, flowers, or chocolates with messages of love.

I won’t embarrass my husband by telling you that he placed a message on the Valentine’s Day messages page in the Gazette in February 1986!

I won’t tell you what it said but I will tell you that 35 years later I still remember reading it!

Just this week I have seen that several of my friends have got engaged!

Also, when I see stories of elderly people still together, having fun and clearly still in love it warms my heart!

Not everyone has, wants or needs a partner and that is fine.

I’ve never met a person though who doesn’t love something. A treasured pet, a favourite place, a special piece of music, etc.

Love really is all around us – now I have that tune in my ear. You’re welcome!

When you ‘feel’ love, your body releases hormones called Dopamine and Oxytocin. I love the fact that Oxytocin is called a ‘cuddle chemical’. How lovely is that?

This year we have managed to buy all our gifts locally, including homemade luxury chocolates.

This pandemic has surely taught us all the fragility of life and how important it is to keep in touch.

Reach out to old friends. Tell friends and family you love them. You will be amazed how great this will make you feel too.

I am sure I will talk about love again as it is such a great and positive topic.

Until then – Stay Safe and Be Kind.

Lots of love, Trish x


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