HAS anybody any reasonable idea as to how the issue of increased dog fowling of our footpaths and especially our pathways to town can be protected?

It seems that for the past few months, we once again see the blatant disregard of decency by a very small number of dog owners in the area we live in.

The pathway that runs from Barn Meads Road to behind Wellesley school is now a favourite for this disgusting lack of respect for us all, particularly those taking their kids to school.

How is it that we do not have any way of identifying these ignorant people within our community?

They have no respect for us and our families, so why can we not name and shame them?

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I, as a dog owner, have no doubt it is a large dog and not on a lead!

It is walking along behind the owner on its own and therefore not properly supervised.

We need to name and shame them, as we are fed up with picking their dog dirt up from our front grass.

We would never dream of leaving our dogs mess for others to collect.