THE reports surrounding Canonsgrove are very biased and I’m not completely happy with them.

They forget to include just how many residents have been moved on to a new life from Canonsgrove itself.

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The residents that have been reported for the incidents in fact equate to a very small amount, and they have been evicted or moved to another site accordingly.

The small amount of residents from Trull that would give anything for the site to be closed don’t realise that the closure would in fact be worse for the community, as 60 other human beings would then be back out on the street and no longer trying to live clean and move on.

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I’ve been living down the road from Canonsgrove for many months and, although the problems have occurred, I’ve seen them dealt with and handled swiftly and with ease by the Canonsgrove staff.

The site is slandered all over social media every other day, regardless of how hard the staff and the company is trying to rectify the issues.