THREE musicians and a singer - who have suffered from mental health issues - wrote and produced a song to raise funds for charity.

Ben Banjo Field, James Hoare, his fiancée Rachel Allen, and Duke Al have written and produced a song called Sometimes.

The track, which has had 78,000 likes on Facebook, 500 streams on Spotify and 400 views on Youtube, is raising money for Mind in Somerset.

All four participants have struggled with mental health. Ben was dead for 13 minutes and spent a week in a coma after a cardiac arrest and afterwards struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

James was an alcoholic, and was helped by his fiancée Rachel through his recovery. He has now been sober for three years.

“We want to help young people who’re struggling and we want to inspire them through music," he said.

“Most importantly, we want to get them talking! Especially men who are reluctant to open up as they think it’s macho to suffer in silence.”

Duke Al, rapper and poet, wrote the song with James. He has suffered with ODC from a young age.

"I did not want to tell anybody about the relentless intrusive thoughts I was having, as I thought they would think I was crazy or just not understand," he said.

"At around age 11, I started to write raps and poetry to combat these intrusive thoughts, it soon became my therapy and now writing is my passion.

"Writing and performing music has saved me and provided me with a coping mechanism for my OCD.

"We want to use music as a therapy to battle all our demons in these crazy, unprecedented times.”

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