THERE have been 83 positive coronavirus tests in all four Somerset districts in the last 24-hours.

Sedgemoor saw an increase of 31 new Covid-19 cases, and there were 22 positive tests in South Somerset.

There were 17 new cases in Somerset West and Taunton, and 13 positive tests in Mendip.

In most districts, the rate of infection (based on the most recent seven-day rolling figures) has stayed the same or is falling. But in South Somerset, the rate has increased.

This district has a rate of 59.4 per 100,000 (up from 58.8).

Sedgemoor's rate of infection stayed the same at 112.8, Mendip's is 64 (down from 67.5) and Somerset West and Taunton's is 85.1 (down from 90.3).

Sadly, there has also been two more deaths in the last 24-hours - one in Somerset West and Taunton, and one in Sedgemoor.