POLICE acting on intelligence attended the scene of birthday celebrations in Taunton on Sunday (February 21) - but it wasn't to check for wrongdoing.

Taunton PCSO Steve visited town youngster Oliver, who was celebrating his fourth birthday and according to his parents, 'absolutely loves the police'.

So, to mark his big day, PCSO Steve rolled into his street in a police 4x4, complete with flashing lights, to make his day.

"It's not often we get the opportunity to help out like this," said a police spokesperson.

"We received a message today saying that it is Oliver's birthday and he absolutely loves the police.

"(His) parents asked if we had the opportunity at some point during our shift, to pop by and say hello to Oliver on his fourth birthday.

"A quiet moment (we don’t like to use this word, because usually all hell breaks loose) came up in the shift, and so PCSO Steve visited Oliver to say hello and also to see the big truck with its flashing lights.

"Oliver has spent most of the day arresting his older brother Alec. Top work Oliver and happy birthday!"

Somerset County Gazette: ARREST: Alec in handcuffs
ARREST: Alec in handcuffs

Somerset County Gazette: LOVING HIS WORK: Oliver with his big brother Alec in custody
LOVING HIS WORK: Oliver with his big brother Alec in custody