TAUNTON’S Vision 2040 is a splendid document filled with the most up-to-date litany of pious aspirations.

But we are talking about Taunton’s future. What future?

What specific and unique features will draw people to us as against all those other historic towns desperately trying to re-invent themselves?

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What will be our Unique Selling Points?

“Street gardens” - but please specify a particular street and make clear what idea of a garden it will express.

“Tree planting”, for worthy reasons, but for what specific purpose? Please be clear and specify an urban arboretum (and in particular name trees - three or four at the most) that, planted in tandem along the arterial roads, will draw the town together.

Mini orchards are fine but require a lot of regular maintenance and care. Malus (apple family) are susceptible to viral diseases which will thrive in a low lying town.

“Pocket parks” is a pretty but vacuous phrase.

An “Events Venue” for 1,500/3,000 or more people will put us on the map regionally.

The original Arts Taunton report posited that what held back cultural life in Taunton was the lack of a venue holding more than 1,000 people.

Yet that looks to be shelved on account of cost. All we need is in effect an accessible posh shed. A leap of faith required here!

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While I support the extensive home building, please may we be sure that it reflects and enhances the historic fabric, random street facades and roof heights?

Good, modern design adds to, rather than fights with existing buildings.

Does our planning committee understand this? Can it even distinguish between horizontal lines that draw the eye along the street and vertical lines that lift the eye up to compete with Taunton’s church towers?

Now these are practical political decisions.

Are our councillors up for it? Have they done their homework? Have they read the full Vision 2040 and TTDC?

Kingston St Mary