PEOPLE living in the South West have tried more water sports than anywhere else in the UK, according to new data.

More people than ever before are likely to take the 'staycation' option for this year's summer holidays, and it seems that those of us in the West Country are the most adventurous when it comes to dipping a toe in the water.

Holiday accommodation provider Stay in Cornwall found that people in the South West had tried, on average, 3.58 different water sports - while in the North East it was only 1.43.

It was Scotland, however, where people were most interested in trying more water sports in 2021.

As for which type of water sports people have tried, sea swimming (83 per cent) came out on top, ahead of kayaking (42 per cent) and canoeing (40 per cent).

A surprisingly low number of people surveyed had tried surfing (21 per cent), and only one per cent had had a go at kitesurfing.

Mike Morris, the founder of Chill, said: "It is wonderful that so many people have a yearning to take to the water in the UK. It's in our blood!

"The healing qualities associated with ‘blue therapy' are so evident in the research that we have carried out that it is a no-brainer you feel good afterwards.

"I was surprised that 83 per cent of people have swum in the sea - we just need to make sure people partake more often!"

Chill is a provider of swimming courses for people suffering from anxiety and depression in North Devon, and an advocate for the benefits of cold water immersion involved when swimming either in a pool or in the sea.

The full data can be seen here.