A MOPED rider and their friend faced a 20-mile walk after police seized their bike.

Officers stopped the moped at Kilve beach and discovered it had not been taxed and had not had an MOT for over two years and was also uninsured.

A tweet from Avon and Somerset Police's road policing unit said: "No: Tax (2018), insurance, Mot (2018), licence. Moped seized Kilve beach. 2 with long walk back to Taunton!"

The same officers also seized a car from a takeaway driver - although they did not say whether the offender had already made the delivery or the customers were left without their meal.

The driver was quick to show officers his full Portuguese driving licence - but the eagle-eyed officers noticed a UK provisional licence in his wallet.

The tweet said: "Car seized from takeaway driver.

"Quick to show full Portuguese (Brazilian exchange...) licence but didn't quite hide UK provisional in wallet!"