WE are all about to go through some more changes as we approach the various dates for the way out of lockdown.

Change is a scary thing for some people. However, if you resist change too much, it can seriously affect your mental wellbeing.

So, save your battles for things that you can control. Try and be flexible and realise that you have no choice but to go with the flow.

During this pandemic people have had to make many changes to their lives such as home schooling, working from home, being apart from friends and families, no holidays, no parties, no socialising etc.

There is no argument that things have been tough for most people.

However, I am aware of some people who have been forced to change their lives and livelihood completely.

My main business until Covid was promoting live comedy across Somerset. That all came to a crashing standstill last March.

It was a massive shock for everyone, not least the whole of the entertainment industry from theatres, art centres and large venues, to social clubs, pubs, breweries. Everything.

The people you may not have thought about are the performers. I am friends with thousands of comedians at all levels of the comedy industry and my heart broke for them. All their income gone, just disappeared, and they were not able to benefit from any of the Chancellor’s schemes for many months.

They still had to pay their mortgages, feed and clothe their children.

When the first lockdown happened to me, personally, I threw myself into community projects, helping with the volunteer projects and joining people together to help others.

Then I met my new business partner, John Compton, and we developed the Taunton Life App. I am useless when I have nothing to do! I like to keep busy.

I want to tell you what a friend of mine did. She is a hilarious comedian who has performed in Somerset loads of times. She also performs all across the UK.

As a sideline, she is also an ‘extra’ on several television programmes like Casualty and many others. She used to be in the background, usually dressed as a paramedic.

Well, during lockdown, to earn an income she has retrained as a real life paramedic! She turned up outside my house this week as she had been delivering a patient to Musgrove.

Firstly, I burst into tears as it was a complete surprise! Secondly, my heart was so full of pride for what she had done. Instead of ‘poor me’, she just got on and learned something new.

She adapted to a change that was thrust upon her! So here she is in all her glory and you will be able to see her on a comedy stage in Somerset before the end of 2021. This is my hero, Cerys Nelmes! Take a bow!

See you again in two weeks! Until then – stay safe and be kind.

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