I AM so angry about the Meghan/Harry interview.

What on earth possessed them to give this awful interview other than money and causing huge distress to The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh who is gravely ill, and Prince Charles?

Harry has become a spoilt, chip-on-my-shoulder chap, married to a nasty manipulative woman who clearly - being a Z-rated actress - knew exactly what she was marrying into.

Her accusations are so false.

What do the pair want? Well, they wanted privacy, so decamp to Canada.

That wasn’t good enough.

So move to America to mix with the rich and famous, only to be in the headlines even more.

They can't have it all ways.

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Harry has walked away from his family, his duty and more so his many ex-service friends.

I wish they would just go away and leave the Royal Family alone.

We don’t need them back in the UK, and I hope no titles are ever given to them or their children.