THESE are times I am thankful to have brothers who protect me.

Thankful for the security guards/colleagues I’ve worked with, although pains in my neck sometimes. They have always had my back while working.

Thankful for the friends who have walked me home when it’s dark, stayed with me all night until I’ve been picked up again and still checked I got home safe!

And finally, thankful for the mother who’s raised me to be twice as strong to survive in a world that is not always kind.

Take it from a girl who’s been sexualised since 12 because she had breasts.

Take it from a girl who works in Zinc and deals with the cretins that make our nights less then ideal (an understatement).

Take it from a girl who worries how she’ll get home some nights, without fear, for just waiting.

Take it from a woman.

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We know ‘not all men are the same’. We are not stupid, we know this!

This is, however, a conversation for the ones who do think it’s okay to smack/squeeze my arse/other waitresses while we put your drinks down, or reach across the bar to grab my boobs. You’re not ‘complimenting’.

And as for my rational response to your disgusting actions - that you consider ‘flirting’ or ‘a joke’ - we will not be dismissed or belittled because if it.

We learn from these horrible moments from history, we grow and improve.