I HAVE been told that Debenhams is being demolished due to ‘asbestos’.

Just a thought, but could it be rebuilt with bricks as now, and not another Lego monster?

Meanwhile, in East Street, why don’t the council make it one-way, from The Parade, out of town?

I use it regularly (over-80 exercise) and have yet to see it used a lot by pedestrians.

It would certainly help Wellington Road traffic out of town.

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From Park Street to East Reach is a permanent line of vehicles, and Heaven help anyone who lets cars out of The Crescent.

We do, but more than two and drivers behind you get upset.

If there is a queue, it means traffic is stopped all the way up the hill to the traffic lights and probably beyond to East Reach.

A very simple solution to the still-ongoing traffic queue out of town and social distancing still working.