I HAVE reached the age where everything creaks and I cannot move without sound effects of groans, clicks and sighs!

The age I am now sounded ancient when I was younger.

I also remember being quite impatient with my dear old mum as she grew slower and slower.

We need to remember that if we are blessed to experience old age we should try and do it with a positive attitude.

We are constantly bombarded with negative messages – and we appear to have simply accepted them as truth.

The anti-ageing product market is huge (there’s big money in telling us wrinkles are something to halt and hate) and there are endless misconceptions and stereotypes, which can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for some in later life.

So how about instead of fearing old age and telling people they must cling to their youth, we embrace the last 20-30 years of life with as much guts and gusto as we did in our earlier years?

How fabulous would it be if we started seeing ageing as a privilege, full of opportunity?

It is also important to remember that people in later life can, and do, provide a huge contribution to society – from grandchild care and volunteering to the income tax they still pay.

Of course, some people have long-term conditions and may have serious declining health in older age, but thanks to medical advances, people with health problems are often living longer too.

In Somerset, we are lucky to have so many businesses that help people to live happy and independent lives, offering home care etc.

Please trust me that a positive attitude will really help you, no matter what age you are.

I try and be more tolerant and it keeps my stress levels under control.

I fully intend to embrace my future years and keep them as full of laughter and fun as I can, learn how to knit at last and be the naughty old lady in my retirement community!

See you again in two weeks! Until then – stay safe and be kind.

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