SAS soldiers searching for a Taunton man missing after a terror attack in Africa have been handed a body for identification, according to The Times.

A team of three of the elite troops had been sent to Mozambique to search for Phil Mawer after the convoy he was travelling in was ambushed by Islamist militants.

The remains, which have not yet been confirmed to be those of Mr Mawer, were given to the SAS members by mercenaries, who had recovered them from a car destroyed in the attack,

Overseas caterer Mr Mawer, in his 50s, was believed to be the only Briton unaccounted for following the attack on Palma by militants linked to ISIS.

A total of 55 people and soldiers were killed, buildings destroyed and premises such as banks and businesses taken over.

Mr Mawer, who was working for RA International, which provides living quarters for expat workers, grew up in Taunton, where he attended Queen's College.