WHAT has happened to our beautiful, friendly county town of Taunton?

There are changes in today’s society, some are called ‘progress’.

It’s sad to see.

The closure of many shops and facilities are unavoidable, due to how people shop, spend money and leisure time.

But, attitudes and responsibilities seem to be non-existent.

Due to Covid-19, we have visited the town frequently.

I am not sure on the law, but is it okay to park on pavements, or to park in bicycle lanes in Fore Street?

Is it okay to ride bicycles, or Zipp scooters in the High Street?

How about leaving takeaways, cans and rubbish on benches and grassed areas of Castle Green?

These are surely offences!

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Why are women given no choice but to use men’s toilets in Castle Green (out of use, again!)?

Why do seagulls love Vivary Park? Because the bins are fully accessible (open tops) for takeaway food.

What a shame - I feel so incensed to write a letter of complaint.

Lockdown could be over soon and, believe it or not, I have seen ‘days out, coach excursions’ advertised to Taunton.

I think a refund would be due.