DUE to my job, I drive around our county quite a lot - from north to south, east to west.

One thing that constantly stands out to me is the poor quality of our roads.

I am constantly aware that, at any given moment, one of my tyres could burst as I hit yet another hole in the road.

How much spray paint is wasted marking these up and doing nothing about them, I wonder?

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Over the years, I must have read hundreds of stories about how the council is spending money to sort potholes, but the problem seems worse than ever.

In fact, if they filled a pothole for every time I had heard the council say the problem was being addressed, our roads would be totally smooth!

I also wonder if it would be possible to claim the cost of repairs to any damage caused by these potholes?

If it was possible, I think the council could expect a bill running into the millions!

Come on, it’s time to finally sort it out.

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