I HAVE been walking around my local area lately and talking to residents on their doorsteps (Covid safely).

I have been struck so strongly by how many people are talking about the value they place on their community.

We have all faced tremendous challenges through the last year yet, through this time, we have found people uniting to support and help others.

I feel grateful that the 22 years I have spent building relationships in Trull have led to such wonderful support through some troubled times for me and for so many others.

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could hold on to all that tremendous spirit that has driven so many to work on behalf of their communities?

Thank you so much to all the local community support workers and volunteers.

Moving forwards, our community will continue to have the benefit of the Trull Community Group on Facebook and Trull Church as points of contact for anyone in need.

Let’s all work to keep our community spirit thriving, both here in Trull and across the SWT district and beyond.