A PEACEFUL socially-distanced protest is set to take place in Taunton tomorrow (April 3).

Kill The Bill protesters have called for a National Weekend of Action over the Easter bank holiday weekend - and many protests are taking place in towns all over the UK.

The demonstrations are against the Government's Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill, which criminalises protests deemed a "public nuisance".

In Taunton, the event is set to take place at Market House from 12pm until 2pm.

Black Lives Matter Taunton (BLM), along with Extinction Rebellion Youth (XR Youth) will be holding the protest.

A spokesperson for BLM Taunton said: "Black Lives Matter are committed to #KillTheBill - the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill that criminalises the right to protest and further oppresses marginalised communities, already disproportionately discriminated by the policing and legal system.

"The bill allows the police the power to determine where, when and how citizens can protest institutional systemic violence, a concerning motion away from justice.

"Protests across the UK have been organised, calling on the government to abolish the bill.

"Previously, peaceful protest and civil disobedience tactics have been successfully used by the suffragettes, miners strikes, Bristol bus boycotts, and PRIDE movements that have formed the rights we now have as law.

"Therefore, we are joining thousands of people across the country this weekend to demand the government throw out the draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill."

Kill The Bill protests have been taking place in Bristol over the past month.

Superintendent Mark Runacres, Bristol area commander for Avon and Somerset Police, said they are aware of the protests planned for April 3 in Bristol.

“Following changes to Covid-19 regulations, there is now an exemption to allow peaceful protests," he said.

"However, this exemption only applies if the organisers take the required precautions to ensure people’s safety is not put at risk.

“We would encourage any protest organisers to engage with the police so we can help them ensure any protests are legally compliant, while also minimising the risk to the general public during this health emergency.

“We do understand the strength of opposition to the new legislation being debated in Parliament but we’re asking people to exercise their right to protest responsibly due to the clear health concerns.

“The pandemic hasn’t ended and large numbers of people congregating together at any one time continues to increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

"Ideally, people would find alternative ways to express themselves such as contacting your MP or signing one of the petitions available online.

“The NHS and hospitals continue to face significant pressure and we would urge people to continue to do all they can to help prevent the spread of the virus, especially ahead of the Easter weekend.

“Policing plans will be in place to manage the two protests should they go ahead and specially trained protest liaison officers will attend and look to work with those gathered.

“We respect people have a fundamental right to protest and should the protests take place we want to ensure they do so peacefully and without incident.”