A VILLAGE pub open for the first time under community ownership - with the son of a former landlord son pulling the first pint.

The first customers will be queueing up outside the Royal Oak, in Stoke St Gregory, ahead of its doors being thrown open next Friday (April 16) at 6pm.

Service will be at table outdoors, with locals being able to drink a full range of refreshments both on tap and bottled until 9pm.

The pub will also open on Saturday and then from noon to 3pm on Sunday, depending on the weather.

People will need to scan in or register their contact details on arrival.

The community raised the money to buy the premises after the pub closed through a Heart of the Village share offer and volunteers have been transforming the building, which also includes the village shop/

Spokesperson Graham Gleed said: "Future plans include offering much more than a good pint, as the refurbished pub will also include a community café and garden.

"The village community has a very optimistic outlook in establishing a newly refurbished pub and hub for the village, owned by the community for the community."

Behind the bar to serve the first customer on Friday will be Pete Nicholas, aged 80, assisted by his wife Sue. They have lived in Stoke St Gregory all their lives.

Pete's father Alf ran the pub for nine years back in the 1940s. Alf was also a sign painter and the sign in the 1948 picture shows his artwork depicting King Charles II hiding in the oak tree.