MANY of us have been to Watchet Live over the past few years, and so we decided to look back on when the festival as we know it began.

The show started at Parsonage Farm in Watchet in 2007 from July 27 until 29...

Watchet was returning to normal this week following the town’s - and the district’s biggest party at the weekend.

The three-day Watchet Carnival Festival weekend, at Parsonage Farm, Brendon Road, for the first time, saw thousands of visitors from Friday through to Sunday.

The event ended with a spectacular Sunday night at the Proms’ style concert, featuring the Cornish Symphonia, and the now-famous firework extravaganza.

The event cost about £55,000 to put on this year, compared with £20,000 last year when the carnival was on East Wharf, which is earmarked for development.

The carnival parade snaked through the town on Sunday from Swain Street car park, finishing at the Memorial Ground fete site.

This year, the Carnival Club decided to honour one of its own as ‘Most Appreciated Carnival Supporter’.

Ray Tew, of the carnival committee, said: “We rarely pick out individuals from our own team for particular mention but this year the club has made an exception.

“Michael Stout has supported the Carnival Club at every event held, manning the gate for hours at a stretch in weather conditions which are often very uncomfortable.

“Nevertheless, he remains always cheerful as long as he receives regular supplies of tea and bacon sarnies.

“With the Carnival Club’s gratitude, Michael was presented with a commemorative tankard.”

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