POLICE officers have given advice to road users when overtaking cyclists following a number of fatal crashes recently.

Avon and Somerset police want drivers to be more aware of cyclists using roads to avoid any more deaths or injuries.

It comes after the tragic news of a cyclist being killed on the A39 Bath Road in Bridgwater last week (April 7).

The advice has been offered to drivers and cyclists on how to use the road safely.

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said: “Close passes are not only really intimidating, but also dangerous. If you’re in a vehicle, passing too close to cyclists is a contributory factor in too many serious collisions between cyclists and larger vehicles. Motorists should leave 1.5 metres when they overtake - slightly less than the arm span of an average adult.”

For cyclists, the advice is to wear high-visibility clothing and position yourself on the safest part of the road to be seen by other road users. Slowing down can also help riders see round bends and stop quickly if needed.

The general advice for all road users is to report any cases of near misses online to help emergency services identify any unsafe areas. Anyone can report a near miss and upload dashcam footage on the police’s website.