AVON and Somerset Police have sadly announced the death of one of the force dogs during a search for suspected offenders this week.

Jet was struck by a train after walking onto an "obscured section of railway line".

The six-year-old German Shepherd was badly injured in the incident while on duty on Wednesday morning.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Jet had been deployed to locate suspected offenders following a report of a burglary at a commercial premises in Yate when he free tracked onto an obscured section of railway line and was struck by a train.

"Sadly, despite receiving emergency treatment over the next 24 hours, his injuries were deemed too severe and the decision was taken to put him to sleep at midday on Thursday.

"The burglary suspects remain outstanding and enquiries to locate them are ongoing."

Since joining from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary in September last year, Jet had some outstanding successes within Avon and Somerset Police, including locating wanted and vulnerable persons.