THE topic for this week’s column was very easy and I could not wait to start writing it.

It can be difficult to come up with different things to talk about sometimes, especially during a pandemic.

However, this one may well get me in trouble with the Editor due to the word count issue!

The idea came to me during the funeral of Prince Phillip.

The music chosen, in my humble opinion, was absolutely perfect. I loved every minute of it. The choir of four voices at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh has been widely praised for their powerful and moving performances. I was so impressed by their beautiful singing.

Later in the day, a friend posted on Facebook about how her opinion of symphony music had changed as she listened to Nimrod by Elgar played by the Military Bands. This got me thinking about how much my taste in music has changed over the years.

As a baby and very young child I was the victim of having to listen to my mum and dad’s taste in music! Jim Reeves, Elvis Presley, Everly Brothers etc. They loved music and it was playing in our home all the time. They actually met in a dance hall in the late 50s.

As a child and into my teens it had to be pop music. Recording the top 40 on one of those music recorders - stopping and starting to only record the music and not the chatter.

Growing older I have noticed that music triggers so many memories.

Listening to Jim Reeves now reminds me so much of my mum and dad and makes me feel warm and sentimental! I got married in the late 80s and love this era so much. So many fantastic singers, bands, and music.

It reminds me of a time before children and grandchildren. Happy, carefree days when the age I am now felt ancient and years and years ahead - how wrong was I?

The years have whizzed by. However, listening to ‘our song’, or the music we danced our first dance to immediately takes me back to those days.

“I’ve found that no matter what life throws at me, music softens the blow.” – Bryce W. Anderson

See you again in two weeks! Until then – Stay Safe and Be Kind.

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