I AM writing to thank you for printing the story about 24 Hoveland Lane and the NHS plan to turn it in to an NHS eating disorder hostel.

I live next door and we have not been given any information about its change of use.

Why does the SW&T Council planning department have to sneak this through?

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We only had letters of notice five days before the deadline, and a planning dept sign was never erected, until we complained. The oldest trick in the book.

We are now totally energised to fight as a community to get better, more value for money, NHS facilities.

Already we are being accused of nimbyism, but our complaint about car parking and traffic is real.

The hospital used 80 car spaces to build the eye clinic; they now park in Hoveland Lane, where else?

Also, at a cost of £350k to assist one to two children, this semi-detached house is too small and uneconomical.

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There are many detached houses in the area that would be more suitable, with better parking, secluded gardens, more bedrooms and space to extend... 24 Hoveland isn’t that place.

It is NHS tokenism and doesn’t help the large number of children in the area with eating disorders, who need bigger and better facilities away from hospital.

Please support us to support children with eating disorders, and push the NHS to support those many children and their families, who are so badly affected.