AN independent skincare brand from Somerset has created a new range made using the finest plant-based ingredients – and all from the UK.

Boo Cottage Botanicals, based in West Bagborough, have been making natural soaps and skincare products since 2014. Founders Nichola Penn and Ben Bryant started the company after Nichola decided she wanted to learn how soap was made using the traditional cold pressed method.

Having learnt how to make soap, her knowledge of the industry increased drastically and she became aware of the synthetic ingredients used in many mass produced products. As a result, she decided she wanted to create a skincare range that was completely natural, free from synthetic preservatives, foaming agents and artificial colourants and, instead, produce products that are packed full of plant based goodness.

Nichola and Ben try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using packaging made of recycled glass, card and tins. However, the ingredients they, and most of the cosmetic industry use, are getting increasingly hard to justify the use of.

Whilst the likes of shea butter, mango butter and avocado oil are quality ingredients and make quality products, the environmental impact, especially air miles and sustainability, of those products has caused them to question further the ethos of their company.

And so, over lockdown, the pair spent time looking at working on a range of products made completely from British ingredients.

Somerset County Gazette: NEW RANGE: Boo Cottage Botanicals, based in West Bagborough, launch British Range

“We asked ourselves could we come up with a range of products that were made from ingredients we could source entirely from Britain,” explained Nichola. “I don’t just mean that one star ingredient in a product– I mean 100% British grown and produced ingredients for the whole range.

“We like a challenge, but it’s really tested our knowledge of ingredients and formulations. We don’t have the climate here in the UK for our native plants to produce butters but we do have fantastic oil-producing plants and we think they are world class ingredients that need celebrating. We’ve had to think outside the box with certain types of product and we’ll continue to do so to develop the range further.”

After many trials and tribulations, they’ve recently launched a range of four products. The range consists of an Evening Primrose & Chamomile Body Oil, a Berry & Bloom Face Oil, a Botanical Bath Soak and a Borage & Calendula Balm.

Ben added: “Not only did we show it was possible to create an entirely British range, but we’ve created a range of products that we’re immensely proud of.

“We’re proud to bring you environmentally conscious skincare products, handmade in Britain with 100% British grown and produced ingredients. It is brilliant because, not only are we reducing our own environmental impact but we’re also now helping to support a number of other British companies.”