A NEW mayor of Wellington has been elected at the annual meeting this week.

Councillor Mark Lithgow, who joined Wellington Town Council in 2017, was unanimously voted the new mayor on Tuesday, May 4.

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He takes the place of Cllr Janet Lloyd who took over the role in 2019.

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Cllr Lloyd gave a brief overview of her two years as mayor - noting that it had been "very strange" due to the pandemic. She thanked the councillors and council staff for their support of the town over the last few years.

“Thank you to Janet who has been a stalwart of wellington town council for the last two years,” said Cllr Lithgow.

“She has been absolutely brilliant.

“I am one of many councillors who is willing to take on this duty.

“So thank you for this support and the sharing of the load.”

Cllr Vivienne Stock-Williams became deputy mayor at the meeting.

“Thank you for electing me and I look forward to working alongside our new mayor and supporting him and the council,” she said.

“And thank you Janet for all your hard work.”

Cllr Lithgow has lived in Wellington since 1985, is married and has three grown-up children.

Cllr Andrew Govier said he has made a “real impact” since he joined the council.

“You have Wellington’s best interests at heart,” he said.

“The two years haven’t been the most exciting years but Janet has done the role excellently.”

Cllr John Thorne added: “I would also like to say congratulations. I think wellington has been really well served by mayors over the years. Hopefully you will soon be able to get out and about and represent wellington more widely.”