THE topic for this week’s column is another easy one to write and the message feels so powerful, particularly right now!

The last couple of weeks has seen so much negativity, particularly around traffic jams, people avoiding the town centres due to numerous road works, choking the towns and people choosing to stay away from our shops and businesses.

Just as we are coming out of the pandemic and local shops re-opening and hoping to be able to get back on their feet again, they are now hit with residents not being able to come into their shops, either for fear of wasting hours in their cars going nowhere or not realising that the roads aren’t that bad but are staying away “just in case”!

This leads to social media nightmare situations, arguments online, causing a big black cloud.

The actual truth is the good stuff about where we live is being shouted down and unheard. I had a conversation this week with a couple of local, positive and hard-working ladies who are working so hard to talk up our towns.

If people appreciate the beauty of where we live and talk it up, then we will attract businesses to move their HQs here. Bring some youth and passion to our towns along with salaries to boost our local economies. That way we capture a new dynamic for our communities. We already have a thriving elderly population, we should be grateful for their demographic too.

Susie from Rocket & Bird manages the publicity for Taunton’s Independent Quarter and said: “At a time where it may feel like everything is closing in our town, it’s important to remember that a lot of the smaller independent businesses in Taunton have been working throughout this past year to stay open in one way or another. They are still here, perhaps hidden away a little more than the big national shops, but they are here and waiting for you to use them.”

Jenny Keogh, from Go Create, are the team that bring fantastic family experiences to everyone in the community. She gave me the following events to let you know about: LoveWINdowS Trail, June 21, Follow Your Heart Trail, July 1, Art Flags, Taunton Live & Pride Festival Day, July 17, 12-8pm.

So much to look forward too and feel happy and positive about!

See you again in two weeks! Until then – Stay Safe and Be Kind.

Genius PR & Events