SO, Dorset MP Chris Loder thinks encouraging young people to follow the science and reduce their carbon footprint by eating less meat is "woke".

He says it is "astounding" that the BBC programme suggested that children could reduce their meat consumption over a two-week period as one step towards earning a Blue Peter Green badge.

More astounding is that the West Dorset MP is either unaware, or uninterested, in the scientific consensus - cutting meat and dairy consumption is an absolutely essential means of lowering emissions and meeting our climate targets.

Does Chris Loder not see that British farmers are struggling, and undervalued, exactly because of the insatiable demand for cheap meat and dairy?

If he really wants to support farmers, why not accept that ‘less and better’ meat is the only way forward?

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Food is a sensitive topic, and nobody likes to be told what to eat.

But for the sake of our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, it is imperative that we listen to the science and begin to eat in a more sustainable way.

Chris Loder’s comments to the CBBC programme are nothing short of irresponsible.

Norton Sub Hamdon