CYGNETS hatched at the Bishop's Palace at the weekend.

The Bishop's Palace swans, Grace and Gabriel, have a nest adjacent to the moat and by the office door of The Palace Trust.

Two people noticed movement around 9am on Sunday, May 2, and notified the palace via Facebook and email.

Moira Anderson, who cares for the Palace Swans, managed to capture the two cygnets being born and a newly hatched sibling at around 1.30pm that day.

Somerset County Gazette: SPRINGTIME HATCHING: First cygnets hatch at the Bishop's Palace

A spokesperson for the Bishop's Palace said: "This year, Grace laid at least six eggs, so more cygnets are expected to appear over the next few days.

"Viewers can enjoy watching the nest at any time of day or night via the 24 hour Swan Cam, which can be found at the bottom of the home page of the Palace website.

"Further updates on cygnet numbers will appear on social media and the Palace website."

To view the Swan Cam visit