A POLICE officer faces a misconduct hearing next week days after being sentenced in court for drink driving.

PC James Hayward resigned shortly after being stopped by Avon and Somerset Police colleagues for being behind the wheel when he was over twice the legal limit.

Hayward, 20, was banned from driving for 17 months and ordered to pay £316 in fines and court costs when he appeared at Exeter Magistrates' Courts earlier this week.

He tested positive after being stopped on the A358 near Taunton in March, just weeks after starting his police training.

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The force misconduct hearing has been scheduled at police HQ in Portishead at 9am next Wednesday (May 12).

It is alleged that Hayward breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour for police officers when on duty he left the force HQ in his own car having been suspected of drinking alcohol.

The panel will hear he gave a positive roadside test and was arrested and taken to Bridgwater Custody Centre.

He subsequently provided two specimens of breath for analysis and the lower specimen exceeded the prescribed limit.