ASK anyone in Somerton how Somerset got its name and they'll say it's down to their town.

Somerton, along with many other towns and villages, will be celebrating Somerset Day tomorrow (Tuesday, May 11).

It will be an extra special day for Somerton as many people believe that the town - which was briefly the county town at the start of the 14th Century - gave its name to Somerset.

The market town, which has held its weekly market since the Middle Ages, is decorating its attractive market square with flags and bunting for the special day tomorrow.

The Town Crier will be making a proclamation to all residents at noon, which will be filmed and circulated via social media in light of current Covid restrictions.

Dean Ruddle, chair of Somerton Town Council, said “Our residents, known locally as Somertonians, are rightly proud of our wonderful town.

"We are encouraging everyone to get involved and fly a flag for Somerset Day."

It has been suggested that the name Somerset derives from the Old England Sumorsǣte, short for Sumortūnsǣte, meaning "the people living at or dependent on Sumortūn (Somerton)".

The first known use of Somersæte is in the law code of King Ine, the Saxon King of Wessex from 688 to 726, making Somerset one of the oldest extant units of local government in the world.

Others believe the county's name derives from Seo-mere-saetan, meaning "settlers by the sea lakes".

How are youo planning to celebrate Somerset Day? Send us your stories and pictures.