AN alternative plan for a site earmarked for development is set to be submitted next month.

Mayday Saxonvale, a campaign which opposes Mendip District Council (MDC) and Acorn Property Group’s plan for the Saxonvale site in Frome, is holding a public consultation tomorrow (May 14) and Saturday (May 15) in anticipation of their planning application submission in June.

MDC’s planning board voted to approve the outline planning permission for the 300 homes and commercial units on the Saxonvale site in January 2021.

Both Acorn Property Group and Mayday Saxonvale are now working on the reserved matters planning applications for the site.

The Mayday Saxonvale consultation will be held at the Silk Mill, Merchants Barton in Frome and guests will have the chance to meet the architects of the alternative plan, Andrew Kirby Architects.

The Frome community will also have the chance to meet other members of the design team, learn about the alternative plan and share their views.

“We believe that real ‘place making’ comes from communities, not blanket developments,” said Andrew Kirby.

“There is an alternative plan for Saxonvale, which we believe should be for the community. Being able to meet and discuss our alternative plan for Saxonvale, will help us shape the final masterplan.

“Our alternative plan will provide a transformative level of sustainable homes, public realm and commercial space to generate jobs and affordable living in Frome town centre.

“As a not for profit organisation, keeping all profits within the site, Frome will benefit from a wide range of community facilities, including a new site for St. John’s school, a public riverside lido, playpark, and a central square to create a truly ‘place making’ extension to the town centre.”

Somerset County Gazette: ALTERNATIVE PLAN: Current Saxonvale site. Pic: Mayday Saxonvale

The Mayday Masterplan is set to offer at least 40 per cent affordable housing.

In comparison, MDC and Acorn Property Group’s plan will offer 24 per cent.

Paul Oster, Mayday Saxonvale Director said: “Acorn Property Group is yet to be awarded full planning consent for the site, and their plan fundamentally fails to deliver MDC’s own plan for the commercial space and affordable housing that Frome needs.

“Acorn’s plan offers a minimal provision of commercial space, far below what is required for the site and the town centre to generate jobs in Frome.

“Saxonvale is our last opportunity to develop employment opportunities in the town centre.”

Mayday Saxonvale have also set up a petition asking Acorn Property Group not to knock down the buildings and the historic town wall on the site.

However, an MDC spokesperson said: “There have never been any plans to demolish the wall which is the subject of the online petition.”

To find out more about Mayday Saxonvale visit, or to find out more about the MDC and Acorn Property Group plan visit