DID you take part in the 100th Taunton and Somerset Music, Drama and Dance Festival in 2013?

Piano-playing prodigies and woodwind whirlwinds impressed the judges at the event.

Focusing on music, the community arts celebration opened with piano classes at Taunton School, and wind classes at Temple Methodist Church.

Adjudicator Graeme Humphrey oversaw piano performances, representing a clear cross section of regional talent.

Graeme told the County Gazette: “This festival gives children the opportunity to perform in front of a sympathetic audience.

“They will then get immediate feedback about their performances from an experienced teacher or adjudicator – as distinct from an examination in front of a single musician, in private, with the result arriving perhaps two weeks after the event.

“We’ve seen so many pianists display their skills, some of them to a very high standard indeed. It is a local activity that deserves to continue for another 100 years.”

Woodwind adjudicator Colin Touchin said: “We had some very good young brass players on Tuesday morning and recorder players in the afternoon … it’s really very exciting to hear these young musicians playing so well.

“The Taunton and Somerset Music Festival is very well established – it’s a really exciting time on the festival map.

“These festivals have had a real impact on the development of young musicians, choirs and bands, particularly for solo performers being given the opportunity to get up on stage and build their confidence.”