MAY 2021 - what a difference a year makes!

At last we are beginning to return to what we took so much for granted pre-Covid: days out, family holidays, enjoying a knees-up with friends and most especially being able to hug our loved-ones.

We hope that nothing like Covid will happen again, but for many of us the lockdown did provide an opportunity to review our lives and maybe re-think some aspects of how things might be improved.

One thing that lockdown has shown us is just how important nature is to our wellbeing.

Without the opportunity to walk in green spaces, listen to the birds and enjoy wildflowers and trees, the mental health of the community could have suffered even more than it has done.

We need nature and nature needs us to take more care and show it some love.

When people work within sight of trees and plants they are more productive, those in hospital with a ‘green’ view recover faster than those who don’t.

And apart from the benefit to us humans, we need to care for our fellow creatures, for all have their place.

All over the world there are towns and cities that are going green and reaping huge benefits in terms of health, cleaner air and more biodiversity. Many are encouraging roof gardens, the planting of trees in high streets and bee-friendly wildflowers on roadside verges.

Some are pedestrianising their city centres and developing lovely outside social spaces in which people can meet.

Bristol has put many ‘green’ initiatives into action and some places, such as Amsterdam, have even embraced a new kind of economic system, which they hope will maintain a thriving community but in a greener, fairer way. (‘Doughnut Economics’, by Kate Raworth).

Making changes will always bring up issues and some disagreements, but we can all agree on the need to provide a future full of promise for our children and grandchildren.

To do this we may well need to embrace new ideas and find ways of working together in order to create a better, fairer and more natural world for everyone.

Wellington Transition Town