THE report of resignations of district councillors came as somewhat of a body-blow.

I can only speak personally regarding Cllr Pilkington, a genuine man for whom I had the greatest respect. An honest and committed man.

I’m very sorry that he has had to remove himself from the council.

I know that we should look forward, but given the last 12 months, and all that has happened not only nationally, world-wide and locally, I feel compelled to voice my opinions.

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Our “new council” (Somerset West & Taunton) is in turmoil!

We should be looking forward. The potential of a unitary authority looms large.

We have resignations from leading lights of the majority group which begs the question - “what’s going on”?

Harking back to the old West Somerset Council, they appointed members on their merit.

It didn’t matter which political party they represented, but what they could do to improve the conditions of the electorate.

Conservative-led council, Independent chairman, Independent chair/vice chair of committees.

I thought that the Liberal Democrats had the electorate at the very heart of their plan? No.

They are once again (remember the Lib Dem leadership of SCC? Debt, borrow, debt, borrow) set on the most politically-influenced course of action.

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After 15 years of representing my ward, the only advice that I could possibly offer is this - consider the people you purport to represent.

What do they expect?

Use the elected councillors to their best advantage and stop playing politics.

Opportunities lost... shame on such lost chances.

Chair, Stogursey Parish Council