I FEAR some of your correspondents are aiming at the wrong targets.

Taunton East Street was closed as part of a joint traffic scheme by the county and district (county is highways authority but transport more or less ignored in the Stronger Somerset bid).

SW&T did actually initiate an action!

The reality is that changes are hitting us on all sides - very uncomfortable not to say extremely discombobulating.

Covid-19 has shown that our current system of governance is not fit for purpose.

However, the Covid Response Team of SCC, districts, NHS and Health Authority has shown that partnership working can be very effective.

This is the format on which One Somerset is based.

Since much of local government revolves round service delivery, we are talking about local administration rather than government of these services in our particular area.

This really calls for involvement from a great range of people.

Our recent experiences show that such people are there and can do it with good leadership.

There is indeed a lot of work to be done, but many opportunities and much to look forward to.

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But please Tauntonians, do talk up Taunton.

A few years ago I met a man who went on about how dreadful Taunton was.

It was all I could do to stop myself saying out loud, “No wonder with whingers like you!”

As for the district councils’ poll issued at our expense after the consultation period has closed, the spoof website failed to amuse and I generally enjoy silly cartoons.

It was puerile. Now, who is the mole in the districts’ camp?

Kingston St Mary