AS a regular user of this new road layout (in Henlade), I find there are errors that need addressing.

If coming into town, there is a terrible construction of the raised area at the first set of lights.

The point where buses leave the park and ride, the left-hand light for the buses appears to come out further than necessary, which forces larger vehicles coming from Henlade to move over towards vehicles in the right-hand lane.

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Then we have the Nexus roundabout itself.

Drivers in the left lane intending to enter this roundabout always head for the middle lane of the roundabout, which drivers on the right feels they should be in (I have numerous recorded incidents of lane infringement).

The lane confusion continues even on to the M5/J25 roundabout.

I feel really sorry for users of the BP garage who, depending on whether they wish to go north on the M5 or, like myself, refuelled at this garage then had to get across the lanes of traffic to get back to Henlade, find a suitable break in the traffic entering Taunton and those coming of the motorway.

Who knows, perhaps we should have lights at that garage junction too?