A COMMUNITY benefit society - focused on protecting the environment - is looking for a home in Taunton.

The Eco Centre: Somerset, which was established in 2019, is looking for either a large building with land, or some land by itself, which is close to Taunton.

The aim of the Eco Centre is to help people to make sustainable choices.

At the moment, the society is focussed on:

n A visitor centre for demonstrating and promoting sustainable products and technology, and sustainable living

n A hub for developing sustainable products and technologies and enterprises

n Education and training resources for schools, students and the general public, as well as vocational training

n Demonstrating good practice in sustainable food production and supplying a café

A spokesperson for the Eco Centre said: "The pandemic has slowed progress but it is gaining momentum again now and, with more members joining, the need for a physical space is becoming more of a necessity.

"The Eco Centre wants to provide a safe place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come and enjoy a relaxing drink at the café, learn new skills, and build on existing knowledge so that we will all be able to lead sustainable lives.

"Throughout the coronavirus pandemic everyone has spent more time at home and in our local environments.

"It has forced us to take more notice of our surrounding environment and forced us to find joy in the small wonders around us.

"We have all been affected in some way by the pandemic and as we move forwards through 2021 and beyond, let’s work to build a better, sustainable future together."

If you can help, or would like to contact the Eco Centre, visit ecocentresw.org.