IT is so hard not to write about the beautiful weather this week, but I will try and stay on topic.

We have just got back from a wonderful weekend in Sidmouth. The first break away from home since lockdown.

I read every day, usually at night on my Kindle (I usually nod off and drop it!).

However, it has been ages since I picked up a real book and this weekend, I realised how much I miss a proper book!

The bookshelves in the hotel were crammed with hundreds of books on so many topics.

Buried on a lower shelf was an old Tom Sharpe book called The Wilt Alternative.

I was a teenager when I first read Sharpe’s books. I remembered laughing out loud and absolutely loved his work.

This weekend I was determined to have a proper break away from work and was delighted that the thick walls and trees blocked mobile signal, plus no wifi.

I picked up the book and sat in the sunshine, overlooking the sea and got totally lost in it.

Afterwards, I started to think about reading and how it changes as you go through life.

When I was little, we had no 24-hour television or any internet. Blimey, I feel so old writing this! Ha!

However, who remembers reading the cereal boxes over breakfast? Even the unpronounceable ingredients! That was our entertainment.

I also remember my dad reading to us as children. He used to do all the voices too and brought the books to life.

He instilled a love of reading that is still with me.

Both our children love to read, and I now have the pleasure of reading to our grandchildren.

When our children were little, we had some favourite stories and these days watching the smiles on the grandchildren’s faces as they enjoy them too is heartwarming.

These days you can follow your favourite authors via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and glimpse inside their lives and learn how much they enjoy writing the books that bring so much happiness to book lovers everywhere!

See you again in two weeks! Until then – stay safe and be kind.

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